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July 20, 2014

The SEC refines it's posture on targeting

Hooo boy. Steve Shaw spoke at media days. We all knew that the Ramik Wilson amendment was coming on the targeting penalty. Now, if targeting is over turned, the 15 yard penalty and the ejection is over turned. But Steve Shaw wants his guys protected, too:
"Any time there's a targeting foul, you need to really listen to the referee's announcement," he said. "What you will hear ... makes all the difference for replay. If you hear him announce, 'Personal foul, roughing the passer with targeting,' now regardless of the review, that 15-yard penalty is going to stand for roughing the passer. Same thing with kick/catch interference with targeting, late hit with targeting. In that announcement, if there are multiple components to the targeting foul, the 15-yard penalty will stay in."

If I'm reading that right, the officials can now name two penalties, just to cover themselves. Go back and review Ramik's hit in the Vandy game:

What would Pwnn Wagers call?


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