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August 19, 2014

Defensive about defense

A few weeks ago, I was cautiously nervous about our defense. Now that we are inside two weeks to play, I'm approaching level 2 meltdown. We still haven't settled on starters at DB and now it is looking like our top returning player is wayyyy behind the eight ball in practice time:
Ramik Wilson: The Southeastern Conference’s returning leader in tackles from 2013, Wilson is still a starter at inside linebacker for the Bulldogs. However, Wilson missed significant time with an injury that kept him sidelined for most of camp. Because of how many practices he missed, it might take Wilson a little longer to return to playing form and it may be harder for him to be in complete shape for Clemson.
On the DB issue, I still maintain that we have the team we have, and I'm encouraged that Rico Johnson and JJ Green have both thrived in the switch over from offense. That still doesn't mean they are going to match with Swann, who is the other bright spot back there.

As for Ramik, I guess it is wait and see. I like what is being said about Reggie Carter, the overall substitution philosophy of Pruitt, and what that means for getting guys on the field, but Ramik is just that good, especially in rushing situations. Which, of course, isn't great for someone who is recovering from a concussion. That goes double for someone who is learning under a new position coach and DC.

The lone bright spot is the front line is settled and by all accounts are doing well, with plenty of very good players listed on the two deep.


cp3984 said...

Or you could look at it another way..."the overall substitution philosophy of Pruitt"...could mean that they know what Ramik can do so they are getting him positively healthy (he is still learning the system and conditioning) and getting some other guys really ready to go...the DBs could be the same...all very close so keep working them hard while building a strong competitive atmosphere...then you more players to sub without the massive drop off....

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