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August 8, 2014

First Florida coaching watch list of the year

With Agent Muschamp's season last year, is inevitable, right?

Now, we have the first Florida short list of the year. It starts with the premise that Will Muschamp "is destined to fail" in Gainesville. Then it discusses his defensive recruiting prowess. It ends with Florida not likely improving on the 4-8 from last season.

Of course, that list looks familiar:
Kirby Smart
Jeremy Pruitt
Chad Morris
Phil Montgomery 

Why not throw Jon Gruden in there, if for nothing more than to troll Tennessee fans?

IF Will Muschamp goes 4-8, he's gone. In fact, I'd say Foley pulls the trigger before they head to Tallahassee to take on Florida State. But what if he goes 6-6 with a win over South Carolina (who gets knocked out of the SECCG in favor of Georgia, since we are flight of fancying)?

For my money, he's gone if Florida doesn't significantly improve offensively and beat either Georgia, South Carolina or FSU.  I guess they could go 9-3 with those three losses, but it is probably 50/50 in that situation.


noladawg said...

Not sure what you're accusing Mr. Wilson of, but I believe you meant torn labrum, not labium. ;)

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