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August 8, 2014

The NCAA is falling apart

Not really, but if Dan Wolken think it won't, it is only a matter of time before it does.
This is in response to the NCAA passing the autonomy proposal. I am probably closer to John Infante, who thinks it is only a matter of time before the NCAA dies, than Wolken. Why? Infante put it best:
Much will be said in the near future of how Division I was preserved, how the “big tent” is still intact, how this will provide stability and a foundation for the long-term. But if the people in Division I will not agree to keep up the pursuit of the ideal or even prop up that facade that all Division I athletes have a similar experience, the whole point of being one division is gone. 
I think it is actually the organization will become obsolete to the members, not the other away around.


Carter_Burger67 said...

Who gives a flying fig about Ohio State? I hate the Gators and bees, in that order!

Sean C Fagan said...

Replacing Muschamp with Smart or Pruitt doesn't make sense. Spurrier (offensive genius & exp HC) begat Zook (defensive coach & career asst.) begat Meyer (offensive genius & exp HC) begat Muschamp (defensive coach & career asst.).

No way Foley hires another defensive assistant. I don't think he would hire an offensive assistant either. It will probably be his LAST football coach hire as UF AD, so he will go with a proven HC with a track record on offense. I think he will make a VERY hard run at Sumlin but will not pry him away from A&M or lose out on Sumlin to the NFL. One guy to keep an eye on would be Chip Kelly if he BOMBS out in Philly this year (I don't think he will). Also, he could go after a guy like Mike Gundy or Mark Helfrich.

Dawg in Beaumont said...

Not sure who they'd hire, but I strongly think Muschamp is definitely gone if he goes 7-5 or worse. It wouldn't shock me to see him fired if they go 8-4 the wrong way (ugly losses to rivals, etc.).
There is no question to me that he will be fired for 6-6. That would mean he averaged 5.5 losses a year over 4 years at Florida. As much as they cry about how Urban left things, that would be monumentally bad coaching IMO.

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