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August 4, 2014

Georgia Ticket Prices

Recently, I noted the issues Tennessee is having with ticket sales. Tech also has a creative hilarious marketing plan to move tickets. Contrast that with Georgia, which has the fourth highest premium over face on the aftermarket according to Vivid Seats.

1- Ohio State Buckeyes $299 $211
2- Notre Dame Fighting Irish  $260 $210
3- Alabama Crimson Tide  $247 $200
4- Georgia Bulldogs  $234 $200

A couple of other notes of interest, UGA is hosting games with the 8th (vs Clemson), 10th (vs. Auburn), 19th (vs. Georgia Tech), and 23rd (vs. Tennessee) most expensive tickets. Georgia at South Carolina is also the 16th most expensive ticket.

Georgia is also 10th in impact on a home team's prices.

I suspect some of this is early season pricing exuberance, especially with Tennessee. The Clemson, Auburn, and Tech games should be tough tickets. South Carolina is always a hard ticket on the road.


- UGA Season Tickets Available


noladawg said...

Off topic, but will y'all be running the pick em again this year? Thanks, and Go Dawgs!!

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