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August 5, 2014

Mark Bradley and Clay Travis disagree about how bad Georgia's HC job is

And the angels weep....

I normally make a point of not linking to Travis, mainly because I am as petty as he is, but he ranks Georgia as the 3rd best job, then takes a swipe at Coach Richt's strict polices (or injuries, I'm not sure):
Which makes the Bulldog failures all the more entertaining. Georgia is the South's own Charlie Brown, perpetually attempting to kick a football through the uprights just as Lucy pulls the ball away. With the growth of Atlanta and the state, there's no reason why the next 20 years shouldn't be crowned with growing Bulldog success. Except, you know, it's Georgia football.  
Now, I'm ok with part of that, but my favorite part is how fired up it got Bradley. Bradley took the time to pick apart Travis' logic, which in itself is high ironic comedy. Oh, and read the comments. Better than normal, I swear.

Then go somewhere and drink all the rubbing alcohol. It is about the same.


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