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August 5, 2014

Updated Heisman odds: Gurley falling

Just got some updated Heisman Trophy odds from Bovada. Interestingly, due to the inclusion of several players on the board (at longer than 20/1), the odds of all in the top six, including Todd Gurley, have gotten longer, notably Alabama's Derrick Henry moving onto the board just below T.J. Yeldon at 25/1.

NCAA 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the Heisman Trophy (Players in red have longer odds, players in blue have shorter odds, and players in black stayed the same)        
Odds on 1/24/14                       Current Odds   
Jameis Winston (QB Florida State)                     2/1                                9/2
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)                              7/2                                6/1
Braxton Miller (QB Ohio State)                           4/1                                15/2
Bryce Petty (QB Baylor)                                     6/1                                12/1
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA)                                   12/1                              14/1
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia)                                  12/1                              14/1
Melvin Gordon (RB Wisconsin)                           16/1                              16/1
Nick Marshall (QB Auburn)                                 9/1                                16/1
Trevor Knight (QB Oklahoma)                             25/1                              18/1
Everett Golson (Notre Dame)                             25/1                              20/1
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama)                                  5/1                                20/1

Note that Alabama and Auburn's two players are the ones that have significantly longer odds now than they did in January.



Alkaline said...

Professional writers getting into a blogging disagreement over completely subject assessments... the season can't get here soon enough for me.

The Charlie Brown comparison is fair, though. I doubt there's another team as consistently good as us over the past 13 years who has managed NOT to win an MNC in that timeframe. There's plenty of reasons behind that under Richt, but basically it falls in line with Georgia's history. We're 10th on the all-time wins list and 13th by win percentage, yet only have 2 MNC's to show for it.

Thinking Bulldog said...

I'll just skip the articles and head straight for the alcohol. Are we there yet? #waiting

Thomas Brown said...

We're # 27 in wins latest 4 years and # 23 latest 6 years.

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