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August 25, 2014

Monday of Game Week

Quick thoughts as I recover get back into the grind:
  • Estes has semi-confidence in a depth chart. I keep trying to find hope in the reluctance of coaches, especially on defense, to single out guys at positions. I keep failing to do so.
  • The one thing on defense I am excited about is how they keep talking about simplicity and attack. That'll be a nice change if they've been able to coach that into the players.
  • Another take away from Estes' piece is Greg Pyke's ascension in the offensive line pecking order. I love having the rotation guys in there, but still am stung at how inconsistent this unit was last year. That'll be something to focus on with a very good Clemson defensive front coming to town.
  • I'm nervous about our receiving corp after Conley and Bennett.
  • Also, don't be surprised to see us run some sort of jumbo package with Hicks and Rome in the game. Just a hunch.
  • I wonder what is going on with Collin Barber. After the blocked punt at Tennessee, he started screwing with his footwork. He hasn't been the same since then.
Also, I plan on having a CFB football pool again. I was on the fence, but Noladawg convinced me. Look for it tonight. If you've been a past participant, you will get an email from Fun Free Office Pools about it, as well.


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