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August 25, 2014

Depth Chart released

See it here. No surprises on offense, other than Hicks and Rome listed as joint starters at TE. Pyke listed as the starting RG is a mild surprise, but Freshman Dyshon Sims as the back up there is nice, especially considering the misses on offensive line recruiting recently.

Defensively, Ramik Wilson won't start. He's got more work to do to get back into the starting slot. Apparently, the same goes for Ray Drew. Dominick Sanders will be the starting Star, with Aaron Davis starting at SS (and another walk on backing him up). Devin Bowman will start as the other CB.

Colin Barber and Adam Erickson are listed as starting punter. Look for Erickson to be the pooch punter and shorter field specialist. Isaiah McKenzi and Sony Michel will line up deep on kicks. Reggie Davis and Isaiah McKenzie will trade off punt returning. It is just hard for me to see McKenzie not getting plenty of looks out there on punts.

My take is the defensive depth chart is written on a white board with a dull sharpie. It'll change plenty. 


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