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August 26, 2014

The Rematch: Morris vs. Pruitt

I've been rolling this around in my hat rack for a few days, but didn't quite know how to approach this. For a quick refresher, Pruitt's Florida State defense held Clemson's very high powered offense in check, only giving up 7 points to the starters.

Thankfully, Tigernet goes there for us. Both coaches have different talent levels at key positions, but you have to think Morris has the upper hand because he's recruited several of these guys, and they've been playing in his system longer. The other upside, for Georgia partisans, is that FSU was the only team to completely stymie Morris' offense last year. While some of that was talent on talent, some of that was scheming to get pressure on Boyd and allow FSU's tough LBs to neutralize check down passing threats.

From that perspective, we only need our DBs to be competent, if our front seven is as good as advertised. If we do that, I'll feel ok with the outcome.


paulwesterdawg said...

I think I coined the phrase "Fair Bryant. Along with Mare Bryant (Pat Summit) and "Hair Bryant" (Jimmy Johnson).

TylerDawgden said...

I'm 100% willing to give you the credit.

saldiven said...

Clemson's offense may come out doing amazing things, but at this point, I don't feel that it's very likely. A lot of commentators seem to think that there won't be much (if any) drop off from last year. They don't seem to see significance that Clemson lost arguably the best QB they've had in decades, and aren't worried by the fact that every QB on their entire roster, combined, have a total of 121 passing attempts at the collegiate level. These commentators ignore the fact that the numbers one, two and three leading rushers for Clemson in 2013 will all not be playing this weekend (or that none of the running backs playing this Saturday have ever rushed for more than 250 yards in any single season). Apparently, the fact that Sammy Watkins (who was responsible by himself for 30% of all Clemson receptions in 2013) is in the NFL isn't relevant, nor is Martavis' Bryant's presence in the Steeler locker room this fall, or Roderick McDowell's absence. These three players were responsible for 50% of Clemson's receptions, 57% of their receiving yards, and 53% of their receiving touchdowns in 2013.
From my perspective, it's inarguable that UGA's defense will be better than last year (more experience and better DC this year), and Clemson's offense will be worse than last year. Time might very well prove me wrong, but I would honestly be shocked if Clemson even comes close to the 38 points they scored in last year's meeting. I'm predicting maybe 20 points scored by Clemson's offense.

Ed Thomas said...

Not sure it would have been different in 2004 other than the Tennessee game because that Auburn team was really good on defense. In 2002, we would have run Florida out of the Gator Bowl all the way to Green Hope Springs with Bobo 2013.

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