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August 29, 2014

Three Questions: Clemson

Yeah, it's back....
  1. How does our offensive line match up with their defensive line? Vic Beasley is a beast. The bigger issue is the rest of their defensive line, which is quite good and deep. If Theus can one on one Beasley most of the game, we'll be fine. I think he can, but he's got to be the guy we recruited.
  2. Has Bobo found the secret to getting Mason to being the QB he can be? For my money, Mike Bobo is one of the best positional coaches in the nation. What he's done in developing talent and scheming around weaknesses/towards strengths is really impressive. Don't make the mistake that we'll be the same back shoulder fade, deep out passing team we were under Stafford and Murray. We won't because that isn't Hutson Mason's strong suite. Mason hits 65% and goes for 225 and a TD or two to a RB and/or TE, we'll have the offense we need to win when you factor in what we can do running the ball.
  3. How much does the Pruitt factor mean? I've spent a lot of time worried about what Grantham's coaching vs. Pruitt's coaching means. Clearly, we are less experienced on defense. Are we less talented? No way. Are we better coached? I think so. If Pruitt is the man, and he can be with the front seven we have, then Saturday could be pretty fun. 
I'm not into predictions, but I think we have the talent to beat Clemson. They are have plenty of question marks at skill positions, but the one question they don't have is at offensive coordinator. Morris is very good at scheming towards his strengths and towards defense's weaknesses. To do that with our front, they have to take chances, chances that could pay off for us. 



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