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September 29, 2014

3 questions answered: Tennessee

  1. How much does Tennessee have success throwing the ball? Almost enough? As I noted yesterday, they didn't light us up, but they were able to do enough to stick around. 
  2. Can we grind it out? The time of possession ended up being close, but that was due to the first quarter being nearly 10 mins vs. 5 minutes in favor of Tennessee. Hard to complain about grinding it out when we basically just hand it off to Gurley on 4th and 4 inside of a minute needing a first down to seal a win.
  3. Can special teams remain special in a good way? I'm guessing some GA is getting fired today for the punt snafus. Too bad it is only a GA in charge of that.
We are what we are. These types of games are our lot.


Benjamin Currier said...

My gut is the same as yours: 7/7:30, ESPN 2, based on the rest of the games that week.

Jlking2 said...

I'd be shocked if they don't exercise the 6 day option. All of the west teams except Arkansas play each other this weekend.

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