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September 29, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 5

  1. Alabama: Still hasn't been behind against NC State.
  2. Texas A&M: Arkansas gave the Aggies all they could handle by exposing A&M's offensive weakness. Then A&M found new plays that Arkansas hadn't practiced for.
  3. Auburn: Hasn't recruited anyone with active felonies in over a week.
  4. Mississippi State: At least we had a week off from hearing cowbells.
  5. Georgia: As long as Todd Gurley has two functioning legs, the Dawgs will hang around with teams long enough to win.
  6. Ole Miss: Relax Ole Miss bros, beat Bama and you'll be moving on up. But you can't wait until the 4th quarter to put them away.
  7. LSU: Yeah, but UGA held their Sun Belt cupcake scoreless.
  8. Arkansas: I'll never understand Arkansas trying to become a passing team in the 4th quarter, but coaching matters when you are splitting hairs.
  9. Missouri: What? I mean, what the what? Missouri's last two weeks are an exact microcosm of the SEC East.
  10. South Carolina: Bro, Indiana scored more than 20 on Missouri.
  11. Tennessee: They missed their chance to win a big game this year. They don't match up with any other big name rival the way they matched up with Georgia.
  12. Florida: Sad to say, but an off week has been the best thing for those still in Muschamp's camp.
  13. Kentucky: Vandy's D had their best game of the season against the Wildcats. Welcome back to 13th place, Kentucky.
  14. Vandy: I'm starting to think Vandy plays to the level of their competition, which means it might be too early to count them out of the SEC East.
If I'm being honest, I'd rank Mississippi State, UGA, and Ole Miss as a tie. I'd do the same with LSU and Arkansas. And we may still have to go to a coin toss to see who gets slaughtered by the West in Atlanta.



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