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September 19, 2014

3 Questions: Troy

Dive in, water is fine...

  1. How many touches will Todd Gurley get? I agree with Blutarsky that we'll see way more passing in this game than a normal tasty cupcake game. The question becomes how much does Gurley touch the ball. I'm ok with six to eight touches, especially if he breaks a long one. That'll mean we worked on passing plays and other TBs. If we're calling on Gurley later in the game, that probably means we have to put Troy away. 'Having to put Troy away' is only good if you are in Hellenic Greece.
  2. Is this a defense get right game? Having the game reps will help, but last week showed we have some structural issues as well. 
  3. Will Marshall Morgan lose his confidence? He missed two in a row. While neither were yippie type kicks, he's shown he feeds of confidence. While I don't think he'll get too many FG opportunities here, it'll be interesting to see if we go for a long one if the chance presents itself. We'll need him in a good mental state later in the season more than we'll need a 4th down conversion from the 33 yard line.


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