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September 4, 2014

Conditioning and substitution

Whether you consider Georgia's conditioning vis-à-vis Clemson's conditioning a bug or a feature of the win Saturday, there is little doubt conditioning was a factor. But is that something we'd expect to see the rest of the season?

It looks like Pruitt wants it that way:
“He asks us if we’re tired, he asks us if we need a blow,” Herrera said. “If we’re tired, we’re going to say send them in. It’s good. You have to get those young guys in anyway because they’re going to play next year.”
One of the ongoing complaints about Grantham was is reliance on a few guys, especially in the linebacker corp. I wasn't surprised to see Ramik go out on the field as early as he did (he was there the first defensive snap), for example. I also wasn't surprised to see Tim Kimbrough get in the game in important situations. The often overlooked part of strength and conditioning is wear and tear.

Clearly it takes a more than a one game sample size to demonstrate the value of S&C, but I have to ask all those that discount the win due to 'Clemson being out of shape' this: Even if teams catch up to Georgia's conditioning, and they surely will, do our future opponents have the depth we have in the defensive front seven and RB? Yes, there are other places on the field that matter, but our strengths lie in those two places (as well as our offensive line, at lease from the small sample size of one game).

What is even more important, at least on the defensive front, is that conditioning means everything when you
Pruitt is a little pleased with Ramik
(photo courtesy of Jim Hipple)
are being asked to play how Jeremy Pruitt wants you to play:
“Ramik Wilson, he played like a guy that hadn’t practiced for two weeks,” Pruitt said. “He knows that. He knows he’s got to get better and get in better condition so he can play at a high level all the time.”
Several folks have noted that if Tim Kimbrough is good enough to get significant minutes from Ramik Wilson, our defense has potential to be really good. I think we saw some of that Saturday night. As a bonus, unless Clemson was extraordinarily out of shape (I don't think they were), we have the depth and conditioning to be defensively physical on the front for a full game.


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