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September 4, 2014

Weekend watching

Clearly, we'll be paying attention to what happens in Columbia with East Carolina coming to town. The Pirates have the same offensive philosophy, but no where near the offensive talent, that Texas A&M has. On talent alone, I expect the Gamecocks to win, but how do you think the folks over there handle it if it isn't a blow out? Or if East Carolina loses, but still puts up gaudy numbers?

On the flip side, Missouri is only getting 6.5 points on the road? That seems small to me, even though Toledo is a far sight better than the [fill in blank with random directional school][realize South Dakota is a state] random FCS school they played last week. If the Tigers can't handle Toledo, there is no way a trip to Texas A&M is going well for them. Probably the same could be said for their trips to Florida or South Carolina.

As far as the rest of the country goes, it is hard to imagine Tech losing to 0-1 Tulane, but the Green Wave lost to a decent Tulsa team. Keep a close watch on Sting Talk if that thing goes poorly.


GATA Dawgs said...

"Keep a close watch on Sting Talk if that thing goes poorly." LOL, now THAT would be hilarious! Weak slate of games this weekend - only a handful worth tuning in for. Hoping East Carolina can send Spurrier to his second loss out of three straight at home!

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