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September 4, 2014

Georgia to face Gonzaga in Pre-Season NIT

Andy Katz with ESPN reports:
The Gonzaga-Georgia and Minnesota-St. John's semifinals will be played on Wednesday, Nov. 26, with a consolation and championship game on Friday, Nov. 28.
The interesting thing is that only eight teams are in, with Georgia facing Stony Brook on November 18th in Athens. This tourney has traditionally been a 16 team tournament. The NCAA is looking at scheduling some DII schools to get folks that want it a fourth game, since schools were promised a fourth game (first round, semi-final, championship/consolation) when they signed up. I can't imagine UGA putting one in, considering we already have Tech on 11/14, Stony Brook on 11/18, Troy on 11/21, and Florida Atlantic on 11/23.

Those semi's and championship/consolation games will be a Madison Square Garden. That is Georgia Tech weekend, so you basketball folks will have time to catch that early morning NY flight to make any conceivable UGA/Tech kickoff.


FarmerDawg said...

The way he rotates players and not units explains his preseason dept chart . We dont really have a 1st team, wehave a defense.

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