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September 10, 2014

Georgia Hoops lands two four star commits

Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris joint committed to play for the Dawgs. They both are from SW Georgia and play AAU ball for Showtime Hoops out of Tallahassee. Both are Juniors who will enroll in 2016.

Crump is a combo guard from Bainbridge. Think KCP, but has a ways to grow into his body. He's been offered by Memphis, FSU, and Tech, among others.

Harris is a point guard from Seminole County who is slightly lower ranked. However, he's holding more big name offers, including from UConn and Stanford. For my money, this is a more intriguing pickup, especially considering the recent commitment of Will Jackson, who is another combo guard. Fox's offense works better when there is a competent guard who can both drive the floor and effectively distribute the ball. Having two combo guards and a PG of this caliber could help provide some cover to the lack of a true big man if it comes to that, especially if we retool to a quick strike offense.


Dawg Vegas said...

Obviously CMF is a great game-day coach. If he can continue to reverse the recruiting trend like he has been lately, we will eventually be in great shape. I really want him to succeed; we've been in the wilderness far too long.

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