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September 28, 2014

Georgia's passing issues

I can't help but to think Mason has something going on with his arm. Folks keep saying wait from Mitchell or wait for JSW, but having someone to throw deep to is clearly not the issue. Mason can't throw a decent deep ball right now. Against Troy, we went run early. I can't say it was on purpose because it is becoming clear that our passing offense is predicated on swing passes to the flats and quick cross routes.

And that is solely by design. I believe because that is what we are capable of throwing without significant issues. The problem with that is teams will continue to put 6-8 in the box because they'll trade off the chance of a long pass play on a missed tackle or assignment than have Georgia run all over them.

At some point, that will be a loss because we can't get that extra yard see the South Carolina game.

The tough part: there is no real answer. Clearly the coaches think Hutson Mason is our best option at QB. So he is our QB. I believe we'll continue to have these gut wrenching games because other teams can slow our running game down enough, and they can pass against us.

More maddening? It is looking more and more likely that Mason and his receivers aren't on the same page:
"It's a lot more fun to learn from your mistakes after a win. ... It's just a little frustrating when you rep stuff all week, and you don't execute it right."
Even Conley is taking some of the blame...
“I was wrong on my route, and I caused that interception,” Conley said. “I was supposed to be able to adjust by the way I ran it off the line. I messed it up at the line, and it gave the corner position. It’s one where I’m supposed to beat my guy at the line, and I’m supposed to establish a cushion at the sideline. What I did at the line didn’t establish that cushion.”
It's hard to say if that is Conley trying to take some of the blame off his QB or if he believes that, but it still doesn't paint a good picture when an 'average one on one' route gets executed in a way where the only person with an opportunity to catch the ball was the defender.



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