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September 28, 2014

On our pass defense

I have two ideas:
  1. Never play prevent again.
  2. Any time we have a passing situation, we run one deep safety with man on man press coverage, an LB to green dog whomever is the most likely rushing threat or RB on a wheel, and blitz the crap out of everyone else. 
If we can't provide consistent pass coverage, taking away routes while making the QB decide what to do in a hurry is the only consistent pass protection scheme we've shown to have success with.


Dubbayoo said...

A lot of people seemed to have thought this year would be like Shockley taking over after Greene. The problem with that is that entering his senior year Shockley had already played in 26 games and it wasn't just mop up duty....not to mention he was a superior athlete.

Aladawg said...

Amen!!! 2nd and 20 after a penalty and we go with a 3 man rush....Ugh. That's really all we can do right now.

Aladawg said...

Amen again Tyler. I counted at least 6 times where 10 defenders were inside of 7 yards on plays not 3rd or 4th and 1. He's a DGD, but Mason is not even executing game management now. I saw the lack of arm strength in the spring game and the Nebraska game. I'm not sure he's regressed at all. The opponents just have it figured out. I perceive a growing lack of patience in the bulldawg nation over many things. We need our staff to go with our best chance to grow and win a championship. With that performance against a young physically talented team we better be more ready to take risks on younger more physically talented players and get them experience in live game situations. (i.e. Ramsey, Park or Fauta). I'm not saying bench Mason; just have an active plan to phase a better talent in before it costs you a chance to win the conference.

TEXAS DAWG said...

We might as well all out blitz on EVERY pass situation. If we don't get to the QB, we get torched plain and simple.

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