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September 28, 2014

Missouri kickoff time best guess

Good news: If you aren't going to the game, I think it'll be a national telecast so you'll be able to see it.

Bad news: October 11th is CBS's noon/3:30 double header weekend.

SEC Schedule for October 11th
Sat, Oct 11 TBD # 3 Alabama at Arkansas
Sat, Oct 11 TBD # 17 LSU at Florida
Sat, Oct 11 TBD Louisiana-Monroe at Kentucky
Sat, Oct 11 TBD # 10 Ole Miss at # 6 Texas A&M
Sat, Oct 11 TBD # 5 Auburn at # 14 Mississippi State
Sat, Oct 11 TBD # 12 Georgia at Missouri
Sat, Oct 11 TBD Chattanooga at Tennessee
Sat, Oct 11 TBD Charleston Southern at Vanderbilt

Fortunately, Ole Miss at Texas A&M and Auburn at Mississippi State are likely to be first picks over UGA-Missouri at the 3:30pm kickoff. The noon kickoff for CBS is basically a joint pick with ESPN for their games kickoffs. The big caveat on that is the in the past few years, both CBS games have been national exclusives, meaning no ESPN network noon kickoffs.

When you look at the rest of the games, there are three/four clear SEC Network games. That leaves UGA at Missouri and Alabama at Arkansas, along with whichever of the other two isn't a 3:30 CBS kickoff for that noon game, with the other two going on ESPN networks for evening kickoffs.

My best guess is we'll be one of those evening kickoffs, probably something like 7:30 eastern on ESPN2. I could see CBS putting us in one of thier games since they could have the SEC East battle and an SEC West battle in one day, but I would think games featuring ranked opponents, and/or the possibility of an Alabama upset, trumps the SEC East thing.

Related: I hope they don't pull that 6 day option crap.


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