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September 14, 2014

Notes on the extremely irrelevant: Polls week three

Dawgs don't drop as far as I thought. 13 in AP, 14 in USA Today.

So there is that...


Hey berto said...

I'm not much good T evaluating Xs and Os, and I'm not trying to defend Will Friend as much as I'm curious about what the problem might be. So, my question is, was it really technique and coaching that's the problem with our O-line? I thought we just looked overmatched against a better defensive front that was clearly stronger. Is it strength and conditioning? Are we undersized? Are we getting the recruits we want at those positions? In some respects it seems to be a little of everything, but is anything to blame more than anything else?

RaleighDawg31 said...

Definitely a let down following their performance against Clemson, but I don't think I'm yet to the point where I'm as down on our O-line as I was last year, when they were just an outright travesty at times. I think we need a few more games this year before coming to any conclusions, but yes, we have got to get some more consistency!

Robert Williams said...

We have 4 chances to get 4 yards with the best college football player on the planet. Trust in him to get it done. At worst we end up with more of a chip shot field goal. Despite all the warts and boils I am convinced we win the game if we don't get cute..........

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