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September 14, 2014

Will Friend hotseat

I have to ask, is there any serious talk about Will Friend's job? After Clemson, and taking the Gamecock's performance against A&M and East Carolina into account, did you think we'd get pushed around by their defensive front?

We are back to the inconsistent play we saw all of last season. I can only recall two plays where anyone got a strong down field block. Andrews had a gem of a block to seal the corner of the tunnel for Sony Michel on his TD. I can't recall who took out the LB (Theus, maybe) on the Gurley TD that was called back. Maybe there was some down field push on Hicks' long run, but that's it.

And if you are going to run a play action screen, someone has to slow that DE down some. Speaking of that play, if you were to put Bobo in the corner, he'd admit that play was at least partially a concession that he didn't think his offensive line could give Todd Gurley the room he needed on a first down play that everyone thought Todd Gurley would get the ball on.



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