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September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning Comes: South Carolina

* I get the Bobo anger about the last series, but why is everyone giving the defense a pass?
* The 'Spurrier saves his best game for Georgia' theme is alive. We didn't do much to keep them out of what they wanted to do. Especially passing the ball.
* Pruitt has some work to do in learning how to adjust this defense on the fly. The last two Gamecock TD passes were gifts thanks to matchups.
* This is the defense we thought we had.
* I'll have to rewatch the game, but I didn't think the offensive pay calling was terrible. The play action call late was not bad, if you think about it.
* Speaking of, the execution on that play was as bad as it could have been. Putting aside the penalty, the play action was so ridiculously over acted that no one bit. Then Mason panicked.
* Can't figure the next plays out, though. That's where cute Bobo showed up.
* Officiating. Just officiating.
* Anybody know where the run blocking went? Thinking about it, that might be the reason cute Bobo showed up.
* Special teams weren't great, but if we didn't think they were going to kick to Gurley, why hadn't we at least discussed how to handle kicks that didn't go to him?
* Neither of the FG misses were ugly kicks. Sometimes college kickers happen.
One last thing, this is the team we thought we had before the Clemson game. Mason was 16/22 for about 200 yards and two TDs. We ran for over 200 more. The defense looked like a young defense playing in a hostile stadium. We weren't particularly competent against the pass or run. If we had scored on that last drive to win, the issues we have in our secondary and with middle pass plays would still be there.

The upside is we have plenty of time and room to grow. Looking around the East, I still don't see a team that is better positioned to go to Atlanta than us. That becomes more so if we find a deep passing game.


HiAltDawg said...

I blame myself, especially when I didn't notice the line was back up to seven until I got to work and I couldn't bet game, lol. I really expected Mason to play a little more polished and his first two misses were 3rd Down in the RedZone leading to FG's really putting us in difficulty. As for the D, that Coach Green quote somebody tweeted seems right: "They are who we thought they are"!

Benjamin Currier said...

We didn't lose the games because of missed field goals, or even the questionable offensive playcalling. We lost because we were flat on defense for most of the game. Aside from the turnovers & handful of TFL's, SCAR really dominated up front, often winning the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball. It's almost remarkable Gurley racked up as many yards as he did. We deserved to lose the game, so I don't feel sorry for us that the final spot-of-the-ball didn't go our way, or even that some of the penalties were debatable. Yes, SCAR seemingly got all the "breaks," but they didn't win because of them.

Hey berto said...

+1. I agree with every point you've made. It's amazing to think we could've been in position to win. For me, t it's hard to be mad at a team for just getting beat up front. To think we had a shot at the end of this game to win it is just incredible. The guys played hard though, and never gave up. For now, I can live with small takeaway. We knew Pruitt didn't have a full toolbox to work with, for me, I just want to see us get better as the year goes on.

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