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October 3, 2014

3 Questions: Vandy

  1. Now is the time to get our passing offense figured out. Will we? The row gets tough to hoe after this one. Road games against Missouri and Arkansas. We'll have to have some competence passing. Both the Tigers and Razorbacks are good enough defensively to stack the box and make us pay.
  2. Can we commit to a defensive philosophy that works? We've show some streaks of brilliance on defense. Then we seemingly switch up just to outguess ourselves. I know we have to show some different looks, but if we can never show the looks we did on Tennessee's TD drive at the end of the first half or on their last TD, that'd be nice.
  3. Will we have too many men on the field during a punt return? Or a kickoff or a kickoff return or a punt? No way to to get around this, that kind of mess up is soooooo 2013. And it'll cost us a game before it is over with.
There is no way this game shouldn't be a win, but you know how it goes.


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