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October 3, 2014

Friday Morning Meltdown: Vandy

Dr. Goldstein hung up on me this morning....
  • Penn Wagers reffing.
  • Hutson Mason finding a lot of Vandy players open.
  • Jeremy Pruitt looked like a genius at Alabama and Florida State because he was given the keys to the top two defenses in the land, instead of, ya know, being a good coach. 
  • And he ends up pointing and yelling at Derek Mason because Vandy cut blocks four guys to the trainer's table.
  • Todd Gurley's ankle.
  • We end up playing Marshall Morgan at SS.
  • That kick return guy breaks his own record (set in their South Carolina game) and returns three kickoffs for touchdowns.
  • [fill in the blank], Vandy's QB this week, suddenly looks like Jay Cutler. The good Jay Cutler.
  • Same goes for whatever walkon James Franklin left there to play running back.
  • Mark Richt having to fire up the crowd late in the fourth quarter because we need one more first down to run out the clock.
As I mentioned, with our team the way it is, we'll be in a lot of games where we have to grind it out to win games that end up being closer than they have any right to be. I worry this'll be one of those games.


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