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October 17, 2014

Friday Morning Meltdown: Arkansas

I've got problems with some of you people...
  • Arkansas finally finishes a game strong.
  • The kid playing back up middle linebacker for Arkansas getting his first start turns out to be way better than the all-conference kid that is out with an injury.
  • Georgia's players, tired of reading about how incompetent the AD is on DawgVent, didn't really think they could win without Gurley. 
  • Lo and behold, they can't win without Gurley.
  • Hutson Mason completing more passes to Arkansas players in the 3rd quarter than to Georgia players.
  • Directional kicks to the 20.
  • Marshall Morgan getting the yips.
  • Our defense suddenly looks like Texas A&M's defense...and our offense looks like Florida's offense.
  • Fumbled punt returns.
  • Nick Chubb's ankle.
Yeah, I've got some stuff.


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