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October 18, 2014

Notre Dame vs. FSU

Catholics Obfuscating investigations, at best vs. Alleged Criminals Criminals Definitely didn't sign 1000's of items for money because he said he didn't
It's only funny because it's not funny

Yeah, I'm not excited about the match up. We've been derisive, maybe rightfully so, maybe not, of the "Georgia Way" this week. Notre Dame and Florida State are examples of programs that we should never want our program to be.

You can argue that FSU is merely trying to help their star. I'd argue they've gone a very long way in fostering his mindset of invincibility. As much as I want to win a National Championship, it should never come at the cost of being a program that is willing to actively thwart a rape investigation.

Same goes for FSU.

We've got our problems at UGA. I get the argument that we may have taken the hardest of roads with the Gurley investigation, but I think that complaint is not ripe until more information is made public. But if you want UGA to become FSU or Notre Dame in the pursuit of a National Championship, from my view, you are way more concerned with yourself than UGA.



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