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October 18, 2014

3 Questions: Arkansas

Ok, Saturday morning questions as this is the only game I'll not see in person for the rest of the season....
  1. Can Georgia neutralize their passing game? I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but if Pruitt's gang has Arkansas in an 'all we can do is run' mind set, we'll be able to handle whatever they have. Arkansas had Texas A&M beat until they got cute (and nearly successfully so) throwing the ball. If we take that away from the Hogs, we have an advantage late in the game.
  2. Which team wins the turnover battle? Georgia's successes have hinged on aggressively creating turnovers, while avoiding them when we have the ball. If we win the field position battle due to turnovers, we'll win the game. That simple.
  3. Can Georgia play within our themselves? Putting aside the non-sense with Gurley, we have a deeper and more talented team than Arkansas. Will Arkanas present a challenge we haven't faced yet? Absolutely. Do we have a team that can slow that running game down and turn around and make them pay with our running game? I think so.
Like I said yesterday, I fully expect us to be behind during the first half, only to come back to win with a pounding running game and some surprise passes thrown in late. 



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