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October 12, 2014

Sunday morning comes: Missouri

Let's start by talking about how much fun that was. On a day where nearly everyone expected us to lay down, Georgia came out inspired, ready to play, and more importantly, prepared. While the offense looked like our offense, both good and bad, Mason didn't have any of the bad decision throws we saw against Tenn and Vandy.
And give all the credit to the defense for getting pressure on Mauk, forcing him into bad decisions and especially to our maligned defensive backs for the work they did. Two of the INTs were right place, right time plays. The other two and the fumble were heads up UGA plays. You can't say enough about the job our defense, and our defensive coaches, did yesterday.
* I'm surprised to see Brandon Douglas come in as little as he did, but he sure made it pay when he did.
* Mason was comfortable throwing the ball all day. I can only think of one play that he might want back: that would have been the grounding.
* Give our offensive line credit. For the most part they kept very good defensive ends in check. And while Chubb didn't get a whole lot of yards per carry, it was clear fairly early on our line owned the line of scrimmage and that didn't change though the game.
* I love me some Toby Johnson running free at the quarterback in space.
* I might have been wrong about what having Mitchell & JSW back would do for the offense. We sure look like we could stretch the field, which opened up some of the short and middle passes.
* Speaking of short and middle passes, our linebackers did a great job of containing their short passes. We only had a couple plays where Missouri capitalized because someone was open over the middle. With one exception, their long gainers were really well executed routes.
* Also, moving Swann to the Star position and running the 4-2-5 sure looked smart, didn't it?
* Something to note for later, on Bennett's touchdown catch in the corner, Taylor Maxey lined up as the Hback and was wide open.
* Time of possession. That's the joke.
I'll have more later, but I've got a long drive back. One last cool thing to note, Aaron Murray was in the crowd sitting with Georgia fans. I thought that was awesome.


Reverend Whitewall said...

Good recap. I think when you go back and watch the video, you won't hold that grounding call against Mason. When it first happened I had my usual reaction about Mason making another horrible decision, but on the replay, he had no options at all. Chubb was covered seriously by like 3 guys, they read it the whole way, and the DL was all over Mason. If he'd thrown it anywhere near Chubb at all, there's a high likelihood it would have been picked off. His only options were to take the sack or the intentional grounding, and both are the same result. I was very impressed with how Mason managed the game, like you said he was comfortable all day.

TylerDawgden said...

Rev, I watched some highlights when I got in last night. I can live with that particular outcome, but at some point, you just tuck it and take all chance out of the equation.

Speaking of Chubb, he did a great job, especially for a Frosh, of reading pass protection/release to an outlet route. Very impressive.

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