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October 3, 2014

Time for more hurry up?

I certainly understand why we don't run hurry up:
  1. Our running game allows us to control the clock
  2. We haven't shown the ability to consistently convert 3rd downs
  3. Our defense can be generous at times (see number one)
But perhaps some rhythm/tempo might be a good thing, especially in making defenses play more basic packages. Last night Arizona won by keeping Oregon's defense from doing anything other than simple match-ups and keeping them from doing specialty substitution packages too often. Yes, RichRod has a wholly different offensive philosophy from Georgia, but the principles that work for any hurry up offense actually work in Georgia's favor, especially considering our running game and the addition of speed threats (and providing Mason can get the ball down field).

We had Clemson reeling after the half. Part of that was tempo, especially early in the game.
We ran up tempo against South Carolina in the first two drives, but I don't think we've seen much of it since then (granting this is very subjective and unscientific already). Not saying we should or will do that, but it is something to look at during the next couple of games.


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