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October 22, 2014

UGA to request reinstatement for Gurley: But how many games will he be out?

Can be found here.
Todd has confirmed his desire to seek reinstatement, and the University fully supports Todd's request. The University plans to file the necessary paperwork with the NCAA later today.
The rub is it looks like the University was done on October 9th, which was the day he was suspended. The DawgVent melt down begins in 3....2.....1....

My take is absent information to the contrary, and with consultation of William King, Gurley's UGA funded compliance lawyer, UGA felt they had enough to show he would be out at least two games. And King was holding UGA off so he could do his diligence.

What the statement didn't address, and the $400 question out there, is how many games did UGA ask for him to be reinstated after.


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