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October 22, 2014

Will Muschamp not fired watch: Day 2

  • Jones: How did Florida and Will Muschamp wind up here?
    • So it's easy to point at Muschamp but look around. This staff, as a whole, just might be the worst Florida has had in two decades as far as getting production in key situations when needed most. All came to UF with accomplished careers. The stock has risen ... on none of them.
  • Statistics do not favor Florida Gators embattled coach Will Muschamp
    • Following the team’s fifth home loss in two years, Muschamp again repeated that his team’s struggles fall on his shoulders. And yet, he appeared to blame his players for their constant issues in pass protection, special teams execution and quarterback play.
  • And you've also lost Tim Tebow
    • "I don't think the offense has an identity right now, and I don't think that they know what they want their identity to be," the former Florida quarterback said on Jacksonville sports radio station 1010 XL. "One of the biggest problems on the offense is leadership."


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