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November 14, 2014

Friday Morning Meltdown: Auburn

Hoooo boy, do the stats look bad for Georgia. Auburn is gaining over 500 yards per game. Their yard per play is awesome, gaining 7/10 of a first down on every play. Yes, we can do the same, but we haven't faced an offense like this.

Crap I'm worried about:
  • Nick Marshall finding where I keep my poker money.
  • Todd Gurley forgetting how to run.
  • Hutson Mason finally deciding he is really Agent Mason, proletariat of the Golden Eagle.
  • The Edge playing defense better than we do on the edge.
  • Kristie Malzahn.
  • Nick Chubbs ankle.
  • Quayvon Hicks fair catch face.
  • Watching yet another fumble bounce helpfully into the waiting hands of an Auburn line man, who manages to return it for a touchdown while every offensive player misses a tackle.
  • Nick Fairly, defensive line technique coach.
  • Trooper Taylor's towel.
  • Reynolds, Georgia police department being the guest SEC officials for the game.
  • Georgia trying to kick a long FG at the end of regulation to win.
  • Jeff Schultz thinking we'll win.


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