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November 14, 2014

3 Questions: Auburn

  1. Can we win if we don't create opportunities defensively? To put it another way, can we stop their offense enough to allow us to play our standard game plan or grinding it out absent turnovers or long punt/kickoff returns? I just don't know. I don't want to have to come from behind against this team. They aren't great defensively, but the Florida game showed just how tough a row it is for us to how if we have to resort to the passing game to win. For my money, we need one return for a TD of some sort, as well as being in front on the TO +/- ledger, to win.
  2. Is this 'renewed focus' on the edge good enough? Kentucky won't be confused for Auburn, but they have a couple of similarities. They want you to have to trade off run coverage for pass coverage, then force you into Hobson Choices after the ball is snapped. Kentucky did an effective job of making us play reactive defense at times. If Auburn can get us to do that, it'll be a long night.
  3. What is Todd Gurley's impact? If the best running back in the nation just had a four game vacation from playing football was facing UGA this Saturday, we'd be in a Level III meltdown right now. Well, the best running back in the nation just had a four game vacation and he plays for Georgia. As long as we don't get too fancy with him, he could get 150+ rushing yards Saturday night. The interesting thing will be to see if Bobo has some special packages with Chubb and Gurley (Churley? Gubb?) planned to make Auburn have to make those tough choices.
I think we'll be in a shootout, with one team pulling away late. Looking at the schedules, it is easy to think that'll be Auburn. The X factor is how much do turnovers play into the outcome.


paul465 said...

I think we have to match them score for score early. No settling for field goals. We cannot afford to get behind. Then we have to play for field position, create turnovers and/or get a stop or two late. As long as we don't get behind we can win by having the ball last. Otherwise, I think we are in trouble. Two things bother me about this. Not settling for field goals isn't really our personality and the crowd is going to have to stay engaged for the entire sixty minutes. Also not generally our personality. Both the team and the fans have to step up.

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