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November 14, 2014

Hoops season kicks off tonight

Against Georgia Tech. Fox Sports South (full list of networks and affiliates can be found here) has the broadcast at 7pm from Alexander Sundiata Gaines Memorial Colosseum.

If you want to be the hopeful kind, Georgia should have an improved team over the team that tied for second in the conference with Kentucky last season. We are returning a strong group of players. Those returning players have been in Fox's system long enough to avoid some of the maddening early season poor play. And all of the players recruited by Fox

If you are the dark place kind, all of the players have been recruited by Fox. Fox coached teams have typically set the game of basketball back 75 years during the first month and a half of the season. And Tech has our number.

If you want a bright spot, look no further than Freshman Yante Maten. He reportedly tore up NC State in the closed practice. Throw in the continued improvement of Charles Mann's game, and we have a punchers chance at any game we are in.

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Austen Bannan said...

I'm ok with the "case for" section. Not so much the case against.

Tough game to predict, but if either UGA or Auburn shows up playing an off game, they'll get blown out. UGA can succeed in a back and forth shootout because I think they can run the ball on Auburn regardless of what people think about Auburn's good run D. Still, we'd be a lot worse off if Auburn starts fast without us than vice versa. Gotta hope Mason is comfortable and willing to throw down field often enough to move the chains on a few third downs early on to keep our running game as a top option all game.

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