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November 18, 2014

Georgia creeping back up the board in Vegas


Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football FBS Championship (Teams in red have longer odds, teams in blue have shorter odds, and teams in black stayed the same)         
Odds on 11/11/14         Current Odds   
Alabama                                   4/1                    5/2
Oregon                                     4/1                    15/4
Florida State                             6/1                    6/1
Ohio State                                8/1                    6/1
TCU                                          6/1                    7/1
Baylor                                       16/1                  17/2
Mississippi State                       15/2                  17/2
Georgia                                    33/1                  25/1
Ole Miss                                   25/1                  33/1
UCLA                                        100/1                50/1
Arizona State                            25/1                  Off the Board
Nebraska                                  25/1                  Off the Board
Auburn                                      33/1                  Off the Board

Other interesting tidbit is Vegas doesn't think much of the human polls.


CJ M said...

At 47, Gundy is even more of a man.

Costanza said...

For you gambling men, let me help you out. Stoops, Shanahan, Spurrier, Freeze and Malzahn are not going to Florida. I always though it would be McElwain. I can see Gundy though.

gullyterrier . said...

I heard on Pat Dooley's podcast that McElwain has a $7 million buyout at Colorado State.

TylerDawgden said...

He does. Or as Florida likes to call it, "two months disbursement from the SEC Network"

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