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November 13, 2014

Mark Richt has lost control of ESPN's stupidity

This hurts my head:

GEORGIA (7-2, 5-2) 
Remaining schedule: Saturday vs. No. 9 Auburn, Nov. 22 vs. Charleston Southern, Nov. 29 vs. No. 22 Georgia Tech 
Chances of winning out: 19.1 percent 
The case for: The best player in the SEC is back on Georgia’s sidelines. WithTodd Gurley's return, the Bulldogs' offense just got that much more explosive. Not that Nick Chubb was sliced meat or anything. But with those two running the football and that offensive line, Georgia has a chance to stay in any game. The question is whether the defense can stop the run long enough to keep them in it. 
The case against: Setting aside Georgia’s defensive woes, what about the play of the quarterback? Hutson Mason was never going to be Aaron Murray, but he was supposed to be better than this. He has been efficient (15 touchdowns, three interceptions), but he has also thrown for the 84th fewest yards of any quarterback in the country. Without the threat of a vertical passing game, Georgia’s offense has a low ceiling. Without a stout defense, there is not much to make up for it. 

Especially when you consider the same author was praising LSU's recruiting 11 days ago, but not recognizing Mason is on par with the combined effort of both LSU qbs. As for that other part of offense, Georgia is out rushing LSU by 35+ yards per game. And outscoring the Tigers by 13ppg.



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