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November 13, 2014

Tevin Mack signs with VCU

Hey, we were in the final group of schools. I guess those final four appearances and the charisma of Shaka Smart were too much for Georgia to overcome.


StevieBuckets said...

Potential playing time competition with E'Torrion Wilredge may have pushed him away, too. It's disappointing, but not crippling if Fox finishes strong with this class.

TylerDawgden said...

I hope Wilredge turns out to be good enough to have pushed Mack for playing time.

StevieBuckets said...

Me too. I don't think it's super far-fetched, but I tend to be very glass-half-full. If he's even 75% of Mack, I think it'll be ok (again, assuming a strong finish on this class out of the coaching staff).

Thinking Bulldog said...

Red Zone offense/defense will be the difference (turnover and ST explosions being equal). Both teams will move the ball at will between the 20s and be keen on preventing big plays. TDs, not FGs, in the RZ.

A significant advantage for UGA is how the media is overlooking (and CMR is smartly downplaying) the revenge factor. AU folks I know not really thinking about that; Dawg people I know (and I assume the coaches, and the players) want blood, esp. with their UGA reject QB and giving TM a home as well. Think Tebow/Meyer 2008-09 WLOCP Blood. Bloody Blood.

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