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November 4, 2014

Richt not happy with Wilson's comments

But is the problem the comments, who made the comment, or that they is some truth behind it? Funny thing, I haven't coached a lot of football, but it isn't hard to watch a replay and think that Georgia's defense didn't prepare for what they saw out of Roper's offense.



Pierce Wilford said...

We had 2 weeks to be prepared!! How do you show up un-prepared with twice the amount of time you normally have to prepare?

Hey berto said...

What I take from all this? The players walked the talk, and perhaps did so convincingly until the game started. But deep down, they took it for granted. It's hard to say what happened, or who is really at fault for not recognizing it to begin with? I question if we have the leadership amongst the players.. who was there to step in and fill Aaron Murray's shoes? That's the part that seems evident when you see Florida's players amped up like they were. I think the coaches deserve their share of the blame, but I think that's a little overblown by the fanbase right now.

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