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November 4, 2014

The full Gurley story

Several outlets have it, but will it quell the angst of those that feel Georgia should have done more to help Gurley out? I'm going to say no, because someone, by God, has to be blamed.


Aladawg said...

I am probably stirring this pot, but my first issue with this whole thing was that after getting the e-mails, GM/BMH/Univ. Brass did not advise Todd Gurley to get legal help BEFORE they questioned him. It strikes me as the "police forces pushing for confessions" before suggesting or allowing "people of interest" to get the proper legal help. If GM and the University were truly acting in TG's best interest they would have done that. I did read thoroughly GM's statements and I'm of the belief that the only reason he's releasing this info is that he's recognizing that he has a PR nightmare going on and continuing. I thought it was interesting about the comment "We're all about the truth" when staff is now dinging Sterling Bailey and Ramik Wilson about their comments on taking Florida lightly. Wasn't/isn't that ironic. Isn't it also ironic that GM wants to "look at that rule" now when he should have been pushing for that after the A,J, Green fiasco. Be proactive not reactive. It's also interesting that GM used the speeding analogy, but doesn't say if he continues to speed despite the law. No, I am now even more convinced that he could have done things differently. Would the results have been the same? Perhaps.....
I will continue to wait to evaluate our whole piece of work at year end and express my thoughts to the appropriate people. We still have opportunities to have a way better season than most expected(Including me) or have a much poorer season than expected. We could easily win 4 more games, maybe even 5 or just as easily lose 3 more. the season is in the balance. I hope we are ready, because Kentuckians are chomping at the bit considering our last performance. They think they have a very good chance to win this game. I live in KY and that's what I am hearing. I'll be there hollering my butt off for the Dawgs!

TylerDawgden said...

Based on Dasher's interview with McGarity, I don't think they interviewed Gurley before Gurley talked with King.

Now, as for 'we want to look at that rule' I'm all in with you there.

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