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November 2, 2014

Stats and lies Florida edition

Nick Chubb 21 carries for 156 yards
Huston Mason 26 of 41 for 319 yards

Both had a TD, and Chubb also had the receiving TD.

So if you had been told that was going to be Chubb and Mason's stats yesterday at noon, would you have called this game a win?


Alkaline said...

There's a lot of hate for Bobo this morning over at Dawgsports. There was plenty to nitpick for both offense and special teams, but I blame Pruitt and the defense for not being able to stop the runs up the middle and to the outside corners. Giving up 400+ yards rushing is absolutely ridiculous under any circumstances.

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paulwesterdawg said...

Todd Gurley doesn't play defense or cover FG attempts. Neither does Bobo. Pruitt got his ass handed to him.

DawgByte said...

Regarding Pruitt going back to the drawing board with our DL - perhaps he can take this tidbit from a Florida player I talked to after the game. "Leonard Floyd is not big enough. We handled him all day long. He's doesn't have SEC size."

This kid should know, it was his responsibility to block him all day.

gatriguy said...

Don't worry. You'll get to see Auburn do it too unfortunately. Bad, bad loss.

Hey berto said...

You know, I think the term 'exposed' carries a lot of weight here. While we didn't appear to play with the gusto we'd seen from this team lately, I've been wondering if our success was a bit of a mirage. Something that the right matchup could exploit. I got that feeling after the SC loss, and haven't been able to shake it. I guess the question is did the coaches do everything they could to get the team ready, and to gameplan appropriately? I don't mean to suggest the team didn't have heart, or didn't play hard... but I do think they didn't have the motivation they needed. The players might have been looking past this game. I'm not sure yet. But no, the team was not mentally prepared. As for the gameplan and subsequent required adjustments after seeing what the other team is giving you, I'm not that knowledgeable about x's and o's... it just seems we should've been able to mount some counter attack to the same play they ran on us over and over with much success. We played pretty conservatively, in my estimation. Oh well.

It was an embarrassing loss, and I don't get the level of vitriol being hurled at our coaches other than it's lopsided loss to Florida, and that hurts. I think we got our hopes up about the big picture, but it was probably premature.. I don't think we were ever as good as some people said we were... although it would've been interesting to see what forcing Florida to gameplan around Gurley would've done for this game.

Onward and upward.

TylerDawgden said...

I definitely have had that same feeling. That is what I meant by 'exposed.' The defense isn't nearly as good as we thought; it isn't as bad as what we saw Saturday. I started a post on Saturday at the tailgate that I didn't post that basically posited that we'd need to have some good stuff happen on special teams and a big momentum swing defensive play. We got neither.

Aladawg said...

It was a complete non-performance. My opinion, and it is that, is that this team was/(is, I hope not) mentally and emotionally fried after the 3-4 week fiasco. These kids are Todd Gurley's friends and I have to believe that the emotional bubble finally burst as the University and the NCAA managed to extend this over such a long period. Seth Emerson said "Gurley's step is much livelier" during the open week implying that the team/kids believed this was over. It was not. That's my analysis and I'm sure people will pick it apart, but NO way this team or coaches are that bad. I'll save my blame and actions after I see the whole body of our work. We could easily lose 3 of our last 4 games or win 3 of 4. We might even have a chance at still winning out. I think that is predicated on the teams mental and emotional state not X's and O's. My thoughts on this only.

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