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November 3, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week BLERG

If I'm being honest with myself, I'd rank all the SEC East teams but Vandy the same and sort them with a Ouija board.

  1. Mississippi State - Assled around with Arkansas and nearly let the 'Hogs win. Who do they think they are, 2013 Auburn?
  2. Auburn - Team of destiny 2.0 keeps finding ways to not lose. 
  3. Ole Miss - We'll see what the loss of Treadwell means for the Rebels, but they'll be the best team not in the playoffs.
  4. Alabama - Saban always has time for LSU.
  5. LSU - No truth to the rumor that Les Miles spent time in Vegas performing at the Sands during the off week.
  6. Georgia - I'm willing to give Georgia the benefit of the doubt for the debacle against Florida, but that could change if the Dawgs look the same against Kentucky. Or if Vandy houses the Gators.
  7. Missouri - Lost to Indiana, housed by Georgia, who lost to Florida, who Missouri housed. Not even Faulkner could make this stuff up.
  8. Florida - If Harris turns out to be the missing link, I'd think leaving him on the sidelines for six games is a fireable offense.
  9. Texas A&M - The Aggies are a different team without Hill. Sumlin better hope that offer from Michigan comes through before anyone else figures that out.
  10. Tennessee - Science can't explain what happened Saturday in Williams-Bryce to allow Tennessee to win.
  11. Kentucky - The Wildcats live and die by how hot Towles is. 
  12. Arkansas - Bielema is on an epic cold streak. That's what happens when you make a deal with an Elvis lookalike to give you The Kavorka while in Vegas.
  13. South Carolina - The Gamecocks end up losing in the most SEC East way ever, giving up a two TD lead with 4 minutes to play, only to lose in OT on a missed FG set up by two 15 yard sacks.
  14. Vandy - Congrats to the Commodores for finally winning a homecoming game this season after six tries.
A couple of notes:
  • In all sincerity, I had Georgia, Florida, and Missouri all tied at one point doing this. I decided not to do that because it felt like a cop out. The order ended up this way because 1) Georgia did what they did to Missouri on the road and 2) Ditto for Missouri to Florida.
  • Texas A&M got moved way down due to the questions surrounding Hill, and how the Aggies will look after not having him around for two games. If this week was any indication, Shreveport may get an SEC team yet.


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