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November 3, 2014

3 Questions Answered: Florida

As I mentioned, we needed to win field position. We didn't.
  1. Who benefits more from the off week? Clearly the off week allowed Roper to get enough offense installed to give Harris a fighting chance to not lose the game. It also seems Pruitt's used the off week to let his defense forget how to shed blocks and tackle.
  2. How does Treon Harris' promotion change the game? For one game it did. I don't know if Roper decided to just put it in the hands of the running game or what would have happened if the officials had made a couple of holding calls early, but there certainly was no indication that they felt they had to throw the ball, which I'm convinced they would have done with Driskell.
  3. What does Pruitt have in store? We didn't run blitz nearly as much as we should have, even after it became obvious that Harris wasn't throwing the ball. It really felt like our defense was scared to death of the pass play that was never coming.
Like I said, some of this loss is attributed to poor play across the board, but a lot of it is firmly at the feet of the defense. There is no reason for allowing them that many long runs.


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