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November 3, 2014

The Georgia Way

Last night, I saw the discussion Dan Wolken was having on Twitter about Georgia and started several times to write something about the issues being further up and more ingraned than simply 'Mark Richt is too good a guy to win it all.'
Thankfully, Blutarsky took the time to write something that hit the nail on the head:
What they’re unwilling to give any hard thought to is how to win doing things the right way.  Whether that’s out of a sense of guilt, as Wolken surmises, or because it’s too hard to make the effort, I can’t say.  But it’s clear, and not just to me.
The one thing I'd add is that 'the right way' isn't a binary decision. There are plenty of things that are the right way, that frankly it feels we are afraid to do as an athletic department. This isn't a fire Richt or even a fire McGarity sentiment. This is a view that the decision makers view success in a different way than the rest of us do. Which is why Blutarsky sums his post up with
Because if the folks in Butts-Mehre are anything these days, it’s comfortable.
And as long as there is plenty of money and butts in seats, I don't see that changing.


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