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December 10, 2014

The College Football Playoffs didn't ruin bowl season

Nice gnashing of teeth, but really?
It's time for the NCAA to quit listening to television's plea for sports programming and eliminate at least half of these post-season games. Make it an honor once again for teams to be invited, and make it exciting for fans to be in the stands cheering for them.
A couple of things to note...

  1. Cool story, bro. But as long as it involves money, the NCAA and their membership (the schools) aren't going to walk away.
  2. If you ask the players, I bet all of them would rather play in a bowl than not. Yes, even if that bowl is in Detroit.
  3. If you ask coaches, they'd universally take a whole extra month of practices rather than sit at home with no player contact while their colleagues are working with their players.
I guess the writer is trying to channel his inner AJC by making it seem like we, the fans, are getting fleeced by bowl games at noon on December 20th. But honestly, I think he is wrong. As a College Football Fan, I'd rather watch Western Michigan vs. Air Force play football than do pretty much anything else I might be voluntarily doing on the Saturday before Christmas. 


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