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February 13, 2015

Ball to LSU; Can we get Thomas Brown to come home?

Hey, he didn't get a raise with those other guys. His rap has always been great teaching coach, average recruiter. While I hope he does well, I'm not jumping off a bridge over this.

We do have a chance to improve the staff with a replacement hire. There is a scenario floated that we move Bryan McClendon to WR coache, which he'd be coaching the position he played, if we could get Thomas Brown to come home. I'm not say he should automatically do this, but if BMac is on board, it has the potential to improve recruiting, IMHO.

Brown is the RB coach at Wisconsin, where he coached RB Melvin Gordon to over 2500 rushing yards this season. He's also hit some home runs on the recruiting trail, getting three four star guys, including Arrington Farrar from Woodward Academy in Atlanta. New Wisconsin HC Paul Chryst worked hard to keep him in Madison, but with the pay disparity, if Mark Richt wants him, I'd guess he could get him. Ball's salary at UGA is reported at around $280K. Brown makes a shade less than $174K. Anything around Ball's salary would make Brown the highest paid non-coordinator assistant at Wisconsin.



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