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February 5, 2015

My take on Roquan Smith

I know I want him to come to UGA. I think Jim Mora is the devil. I know UCLA lied to the kid about Ulbrick. It isn't the first time it happened, most recently I can think of with Urban Meyer's Gators team in 2010. I have to assume Arthur Blank leaked it because screw Jim Mora.

And I also think Roquan Smith will go someplace besides UGA.

I get the 'Grantham didn't want him thing.' He's seventeen. For a significant part of his life, especially in his mind, UGA's coaches didn't want him here. Yes, Pruitt has worked on closing that gap, but much like the kid from Liberty County, Smith has decided that he wants to leave the state.

I hope I'm wrong and if you want to blame a coach, blame Grantham.

Because much like Jim Mora with Arthur Blank, bad impressions last a long time.


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