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February 24, 2015

Dawgs travel to Ole Miss: another planes, trains and automobiles adventure?

With tip set for 9am tomorrow night, the Dawgs are flying to Memphis then driving down. I believe the plan is to drive on to Oxford today, which eliminates the non-sense of having to deal with Mark Fox's adventures in winter weather travel, patent pending.*

Ole Miss is a winnable game. They aren't as physical as Alabama or South Carolina, but with how the officials the past few games have let teams play in the posts, they probably could be a high school team, from a physical stand point.

A win here will go a long way in helping ensure we aren't going into the SEC tournament needing two or more wins for an NCAA bid. A bonus is the Rebels are two game ahead of the Dawgs in the conference, sitting in fourth place, which ensures them a bye. Beat them gives the Dawgs a shot at an extra days rest for the SEC tourney.


*I'm not blaming this on Fox, it just seems we've endured more of the winter travel stuff under Fox that we have in the past.


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