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February 19, 2015

UGA to face UNC at Dome in 2016

The good news is that there is no way we'll face them in the Music City Bowl in 2016. I'm cool with the game, as it means UGA will have one fewer shitty SunBelt opponents noon SECNetwork kickoffs at home in 2016. Besides, it looks like the game could be settling on some sort of rotation involving SEC and ACC teams, so getting in the rotation has upsides.

So our 2016 OOC schedule is:
UNC - Georgia Dome - Sept. 3rd
Nichols State - Athens - Sept. 10th
University of Louisiana - Athens - Nov. 19
Georgia Tech - Athens - Nov. 26

I guess it would have been cooler if it would be the first game in the new Blank Dome. What are your thoughts?

See also: PWD on how this matchup almost happened in 2010.


Joseph Paul Bryant said...

Brad Stevens is not being fired by the celtics anytime soon. I am actually a celtics fan and follow them closely. Everyone in that organization understands that he is doing as great as possible with the talent.. They've had like 30 different players on their roster just this year.
He's got another 4 years there before he gets into a "make the playoffs of get fired" scenario.

ChilliDawg said...

Maybe... but... the NBA today changes head coaches like underwear.

Then there's the record of men who have gone straight from college head coaches to NBA head coaches (since the 1993-94 season *denotes first head NBA job):

o Lon Kruger* (Illinois to Atlanta Hawks): 69-122 from 2000-03, no playoffs

o Rick Pitino (Kentucky to Boston Celtics) 102-146 from 1997-2001, no playoffs

o John Calipari* (UMass to New Jersey Nets): 72-112 from 1996-99, 0-3 in playoffs

o Tim Floyd* (Iowa State to Chicago Bulls): 49-190 from 1998-2002, no playoffs

o Mike Montgomery* (Stanford to Golden State Warriors): 68-96 from 2004-06, no playoffs

o P.J. Carlesimo* (Seton Hall to Portland Trail Blazers): 136-109 from 1994-97, 3-9 in playoffs

o Reggie Theus* (New Mexico State to Sacramento Kings): 44-62 from 2007-09, no playoffs

o Leonard Hamilton* (Miami Hurricanes to Washington Wizards): 19-63 in 2000-01, no playoffs

The collective record and winning percentage: 559-900 (.383) with a 3-12 playoff record over 22 seasons. Brad's at .305. Sorry, lasting four years in today's environment is optimistic, at best.

Your fan base is not going to be very happy or willing to wait if Brad struggles through the middle of next year. So unless he's the next coming of Gregg Popovich (which he may be) look for Ainge to throw him under the bus, particularly if Ainge's roster moves don't pan out.

Getting a "program changing" coach isn't easy. Look around the SEC. It's Calipari, Donovan, and who?

Stevens would be one IMHO. Shaka Smart might be another. Preplanning now for a landing spot for Stevens "IF" the worst should happen would be wise. All this lets Fox have at least another season to see if his program has turned a corner.

Hey berto said...

I was actually a little peeved the home state team didn't get the first college game in the new dome, but it turns out we've got Notre Dame that year, so I get why we wouldn't.

paulwesterdawg said...

it would take $100 million, tearing down steg and playing in Gwinnett 2 years ago with no support. Basically a coach killer.

If a new arena would solve anything...I mean anything...wouldn't Auburn and South Carolina be great? Or NC State? Or Arkansas?

I'd wager that most people who still complain about Stegeman haven't been in a while, haven't been to other arenas lately and haven't been to the practice facility.

Hey berto said...

Well, I was just responding to the general notion of a new arena, and I'm curious at what point the admin says 'yep, we're going that route'.

I haven't been to Steg since the mid 90's when I was a student, and I have no idea if it truly needs replacing. But the perception that it does is out there. I always thought it was kind of cool in a retro way, architecturally, but I have idea how it works functionally. If all it needs is some modern amenities, then they should be able to make that happen.

paulwesterdawg said...

Exactly. You haven't been since the mid 90s. The outer facade was torn down and replaced with glass and graphics on 2 sides. The external is very modern and it received 12 million in upgrades. We have spent about 50m on hoops facilities over the last 15 years. Only AU and SC have spent more. And they suck worse.

Hey berto said...

I should've said additional modern amenities.. I was aware of the upgrades and like them. I was just curious what's the chicken and what's the egg in this Issue. Sounds like it's the right staff. The facilities arms race doesn't seem to be what it is in the football world.

Also, I'd go to games if I weren't two states away, so I feel a little detached from the situation relative to facilities. That's why I'm asking so many questions about it. I never thought building a new arena was the first thing we should do, but I just have no idea what the recruiting world 'demands' for us to be successful at it.

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